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Airy flying color (animation) by BlueIrisFlower

OK, this is my first Critique. I hope I'm doing it right

Well, this is a good one! The steps of the dragon (seemingly?) wiggling, moving and circling are applied successfully, making this a good, "organic" animation. Drawing the same thing from different angles - even as simplified as the distant dragon - is not an easy task!
Now onto the reason why I chose this one and not the lineart version (which means you improved the deviation radically by adding colours):

The colouring of the dragon is just right. While it could use some more gradients, making it smoother, this is not so important considering the rather small dimensions of this animated picture - however, I would love to see a bigger version one day. The tip of the tail, the wings and also the nose a little bit are what made the dragon convincing to me, with their blue and red just in the right spots.

The stormy sea of moving emotion storm in the background is a nice touch, shaded blurrily redish and going through variations of blue. It may not be as "organically" animated as the dragon and it might not have hurt making it less distracting by (I don't know how you did it) lowering the opacity of the darker blue tones and the red shading, but it definitely has an effect on me! So don't wonder why the impact has 4.5 stars.

I believe a Critique should include my opinion on how the Critiqued deviation could be improved. Apart from the things I already mentioned, I think, I only have to add more frames for increased fluency of the animation - the dragon seems to make the 180° turn a bit too quickly - and choosing another background colour, personally, the Cyan is not my first choice for sky backgrounds (unless I decease the opacity or use gradients), especially in storms!

Thus concludes my first Critique, I hope you can use it... if you think it was unfair in any way, let me know! As all artists, we do what we do in order to improve.
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BlueIrisFlower Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Hi, thank you for the many star ratings and positive critique! I never was that good in animating, This one was actually a 'sketch', an animation to try. But I found it quite good, so I decided to color it. The dragon is my OC (character) and these are her colors, for the background I did not dare to make it more blueish, I was afraid that she would be 'hiding' in the background. I found it quite boring to have only one color as background, so I decided to make some clouds, each on different places on each frame, so I got the effect of moving stormy clouds. As I said, it was only a try to make an animation, but less frames at the end makes her look flying away in a high speed. Thank you very much for your critique, it's also helpful for me! :)
RetSamys Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good to know. Thank you for the feedback!
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